Book Review – ‘A Life On The Open Road’ – In His Own Words, The Musings of John Treagood

First published, 2017
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This was great. John Treagood is well known in my local area. He travels around the county in a proper wooden caravan, pulled by a horse. This book is a collection of his thoughts on the environment, the major changes he has seen in the Devonian landscape over the years, and some of the questions he’s been asked by people on his travels.
In ‘A Life On The Open Road’, John speaks about how he made the decision to travel.
“I just walked away from the life I was living with nothing more than a backpack and a tent!
“At first I was just going to walk around for a month or two, and it just went on, and on, for years.”
Page 1, ‘A Life On The Open Road’ – In His Own Words, The Musings of John Treagood.
John has now been travelling for more than forty years.
I think this book is so important because he speaks about the vital importance which should be placed on protecting nature and every living thing. It’s a timely reminder for all of us.
It’s also noteworthy that many people, probably many hundreds, have stopped and spoken to John when they see him with his horse on the grass verges along the roads of Devon, and asked to hear his story. People are always interested in people, and we’re all fascinated by people who have lived in a way which falls outside the ordinary.
Also, delightfully, when this book was first produced, John insisted that any profits be donated to World Horse Welfare.
One of my favourite lines is right at the end of this short book:
“So that’s the lot, may all your dreams come true, mine did.”
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