Now, I’ll admit, I’m new to the team on this one, but we have the hardest water imaginable in East Devon. Really. I know I’ve said it before, but the reason we have such soft skin is that we’ve been bathing in limescale, buffing ourselves to baby-softness for years now, so we have no choice in it.

I have tonnes of time for people who exfoliate but seriously, if I can give any advice, let it be this: have two, maybe three, showers in East Devon. There’s no exfoliant like it and you’ll be soft for the rest of the year.

As it goes, I’ve been drinking coffee since I was seventeen, but I’ve only been able to taste it properly for the last year, when Aimée insisted we get a water filter.

Oh my, I’m spoilt.

From start to finish, through my childhood, I thought water was the most boring drink possible. I now have a new appreciation for it. It’s a lot sweeter than I thought. And, at this time of the year, I’m very grateful for the filtered type because it’s not easy knocking back antihistamines with water, peppered with brick-dust.

Water, people. The future is here, and it’s filtered.


Day #91 of things to be happy about – water filters.