Now, according to Google it was either Confucius or Mark Twain who said: “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Like everyone else, probably through the history of time, I’ve had jobs that didn’t matter to me. I’ve had jobs I hated, jobs I coped with, jobs that came with Christmas music on a loop. I’m not great with enforced cheeriness and the hours of jingling did nothing for my peace of mind.


But a job you love is one of the finest things there is. To wake up with a smile, and the contentment that comes from knowing that what you do actually matters to somebody, is a tremendous feeling. Now, at this point in my career (such as it is), there are a couple of people who genuinely like what I do.

And here’s my point: Now is the time to catch on to my series. It might seem like early days and, all right, it is, but those couple of people mean the absolute world to me. They have given me the wherewithal to do the job I love.

You know who you are.


In other news, I’ve written a letter to my older self to ensure I stay on track. If I’m not still writing when I’m forty, I’m getting a telling-off from my nearly thirty-seven year old self. I’m prepared. I’ve got a bit of a mouth on me. I hope I keep it.

(whispers) I’m building a career on it.