See, and it’s one of the best things about this holiday I’m planning with Tara. Wherever it’s going to be (yeah, I have quite a lot of planning to do), I think there should be a view. Somewhere near the sea. We already live in a wood, so, the sea it is.

Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall overlooks Watergate Bay in North Cornwall.

Tara loves to swim and (yes, I’m pushing it time-wise, given that beaches are closed to dogs from the end of April to the beginning of October), there’s nothing to match the sea air for taking a break. Plus – fish and chips. For me. Tara’s a dog. I’m not going to break her stomach with batter and oceans of vinegar – which is the only proper way to have chips.

But a lie-in: turning my head to look through light and shuttered windows, straight across the sea, and a glimpse of the sun, shining like a yellow bauble in the sky, while Tara chases seagulls into the air.


Sounds like heaven to me.