I went to a Quiz night last week, and found that one of my Movie Nighters had come along wearing the finest T-shirt in existence. I know it’s the best because I have the exact same one, currently in my washing machine.


Clearly, Rob has been watching Game Of Thrones. As have I, for quite some time. And there is little better than being one of two in a crowded room, chatting about Game Of Thrones and watching peoples’ faces drop.


Yes, all right, there’s a lot of violence and, in all probability, they’ll all wind up dead, but it’s soooo cool. There are battles and diplomacy and dragons and marriages of convenience/political gain/love. The love ones don’t seem to last, unless there’s a bloody and unnecessary ending. But, and I’m quoting myself here:

Any idiot can tell you that a third of all marriages end in divorce.” She lowered her voice and patted Fiona’s hand. “But don’t lose hope, because the rest of them end in death.

Excerpt From: Petrina Binney. “The Girl With All The Cleavage (Sex, Death and Dinner, #0.5)”.

Go on. Go shopping. I dare you.

There’s a lot of life and death stuff, as well as giants and mammoths and scary living-dead types in Game Of Thrones. There are the utterly gorgeous and well-off, who have their own problems, as well as the plucky and overlooked. There are some of the finest actors in the country and the best of the lot is Lady Olenna, played by Diana Rigg.


She’s intelligent and dangerous and rude, and one of the finest compliments I have ever received was when I was told I’m a bit like her.

I’ll take that any day of the week.