As we were leaving school, my buddy Kirsty turned to me and asked what I wanted to do with my life. In the year running up to this question, we’d sat career assessment tests and attended mock interviews with potential employers.

The results of the career assessment tests indicated most of us were “perfect” or “well-suited” to between three and five careers; I came back with thirty-two potential employment directions, including politician and fish farmer.

With the mock interviews, we were asked to name the field we would like to enter, and whoever organised these things, would procure an interview with a related firm for us.

I wanted to be a poet.

It’s quite difficult to interview for the position of poet when you’re too young to drink and haven’t got TB. As such, I was sent to an interview with the local newspaper in Exeter.

Express and Echo

Anywho, we went through the standardised hoops. I decided it would take me several years to read up on the various careers I was allegedly “perfect” for, but I already knew I lacked the detachment required for a career in journalism, and then, quite suddenly, Kirsty asked me what I wanted to do.

“I just want to read everything. And write more.”

In the twenty-ish years since I said that, I’ve read a huge amount. I’ve written quite a lot. I think my sixteen year old self would be quite proud. Although, she would be stunned it took me this long to find a book club.


Here’s the thing: with the book club, as with any book club, we choose a book (shock horror!), we read it, and then six or so weeks later, we reconvene, talk about it, and pick the next book. It’s lovely. And I don’t know whether it’s solely because I’ve read books I wouldn’t have gone near otherwise, but my appetite for reading absolutely anything has increased to near-teenage levels.

I’m reading everything. And for renewing this now-insatiable appetite for reading, the book club will have my endless gratitude.

There you have it. Day 71 – Book Club.

Also, the title of a cracking film with Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenburgen.