Now, there’s some excitement over here at Binney-central because…
The ebook of Book One – ‘Sex, Death & Canapés’ – is ENTIRELY FREE for five solid days, starting today!!!
That’s right, ladies and gents, you can snaffle your copy for zero cash, without any thought to Kindle Unlimited or the Binney Retirement Fund, from right now, 4th March, until 8th March 2019. All the way through, five solid days, no let-up.
Have at it.
Now, since I’ll be giving away this book, on which I spent nine months of my life, during which I drank well over three-thousand cups of coffee, I suggest you wander on over to Amazon and get it for free while you can.
Sex Death Canapes
Come Saturday, it’s going back up to £2.99. I know, it’s hardly naked profiteering but, I wouldn’t argue with totally free.
Do go forth and tell the world.
I’ll just be sitting here, working on book four.
And this is a positive post because… I’m hopeful of taking over the world with five days of freebies. Naturally, if there’s a TV producer out there who likes a bargain, I’m right here.
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