When I was about thirteen, I really wanted a pair of Doc Martens and a leather jacket. This was before Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but on some level, I always wanted to be Spike.
Anywho, my parents told me that, being a child, I would outgrow anything they bought me, so I would have to hold my water until I had finished growing. Only once I’d finished growing could they consider spending that kind of money.
No exaggeration – I. Stopped. Growing.
Okay, that’s not quite true, I added half an inch to my height in the years in between, but that’s all she wrote.
When I was twenty-four, I bought my own Doc Martens with my first paycheque from the local shop. They have held me up, when I was too tired for the party, many times.
I’ve had my leather jacket – less Spike more Christine Cagney – for several years and it will need replacing at some point, but it’s butter-soft and fits me like my face.
So, there you have it. Day #47 of 365 Happy Things: I love my leather jacket.