Bubbles, fragrant oils, candles (making for a terribly exciting fire risk), glass of wine or – dare I say – cup of tea. There’s something remarkably decadent about a cup of tea in the bath.


When I was training to be an electrician, on one of my practical weeks, I had a hotel room with a shower, and was in horrible muscle-spasmy pain for the whole week. I still don’t know how I got home. It was the kind of ache that spread into my thoughts, and I was grumpy for weeks afterwards.

The next practical I had, I went to a different hotel, and there was a bath.


A tiny bottle of body wash-shampoo-conditioner, and I didn’t care because I had a bath and a cup of tea to drink in it. Even better, I could see the telly through the bathroom door, so I was able to drink my tea, prune my skin completely and watch ‘Come Dine With Me’ and ’The Simpsons’.

Come Dine With Me logo

There you have it – Day 39 – A Long Hot Bath.