Day 34 and the subject was going to be candlelight, so I’ll cover that quickly before getting onto the main news.


Candlelight – pretty, atmospheric, makes everyone look younger, appropriate for both dates and birthdays.


Okay, so, a friend of a friend is having a baby, and the mother has decided on a rather unusual way to celebrate the birth. She has collected up her buddies, and decided each of them can buy her little girl a book. Each of the books will be suitable for different ages in the child’s life, thus, her friends will be sorting out all manner of age-appropriate books for birthdays right the way through ’til the kid can vote.

I rather like it as an idea because it means the child will have presents from people from the time of her birth and so, even friendships that are stretched by distance will stay alive because of the books to come.

Here’s where I get involved.

The mother has asked each of the friends to write something in the flyleaf to wish her daughter a happy birthday when the time comes. And my friend, who is eloquence personified but not so hot on rhyming, has asked me to write a poem.

poetry word in mixed vintage metal type printing blocks over grunge wood

If I sound a little overexcited, it’s because I am. This is the closest I’ve ever been to a commissioned work.

Happy Day #34 everyone.