Day 32 and we come to one of the most comforting things that exists in life.

When confronted by an emotional half-friend on the doorstep in the early hours of the morning, there’s a reason why George and Mabel reach for the Worcester sauce, in book one. It’s survival mode. And that’s what cheese on toast is.

I don’t pretend to be fancy. I’m only talking about cheddar. Mature cheddar, of course, and a small lake of Worcester sauce, but it’s only simple stuff. Really, if the toast is semi-floating, that’s perfect for me.


We’ve got some weather at the moment, and I’m pretty certain that cheese on toast will save me from starvation while we wait for the snow to melt. I know, if I was a halfway competent driver, I’d be able to drive on slush. As it goes, I’m competent enough to know that getting up the hills that surround my house with a tiny engine and frost which coats the inside of my windscreen is a step too far.


I’ll wait it out with cheese on toast.