Day 22, and here we go – roses.

A lot of the women in my family have Rose as a middle name. I’m one of them. My parents had this romantic little idea of the countryside, which, of course, included roses.


So many of the images we hold as part of the countryside idiom and of love include roses. Roses around the door, taking time to stop and smell the roses, love is like a red, red rose. All that stuff.

I seem to recall that my grandmother had climbing roses growing against her house in north London. I suspect they were the sort my parents had in mind, but, you know, with less traffic.

Of course, I’ve held the idea of my name on a film poster in a special little pocket of my brain for quite a long time. I thought it would be ‘Screenplay by’, perhaps even ‘Based on her Novel’… Some years ago, there was a horror film called ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’. That wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Still, that’s only the middle bit. Naturally, if there is ever a film by me, I’ll show it at Movie Night.

Anyway, it’s important to give yourself a break occasionally. And why not fill that break with flowers?


Okey-cokey – day 22 – from time to time, give yourself a break to stop and smell the roses.

Incidentally, Sex, Death & Canapés is currently on a countdown deal, so the price has dropped from £2.99 to 99p, for a limited time only. Have at it.