And we come to the subject of starlight.

Terribly obvious, oh so predictable, very girly to even mention it but whatever – starlight.
And I’ll tell you why. Because heaven forfend that I just leave something as it is. Firstly, starlight is completely awe-inspiring, mind-expanding, person-shrinking wonderment. And who doesn’t want that?

More though – I saw my first really clear moon halo the other night. Lacking the right camera and, indeed, the skills to use it if I had had it, I did a little Googling. This is as close as I can find.


It was amazing. I made Aimée go out into the garden at three in the morning to look at it. Okay, I sound like a monster. To clarify: she was about to take Pumpkin out for a late-night whizz in any case. All I did was encourage her to look up. She agreed, it was incredible. Pumpkin did what a dog will do, which took the edge off, but it was still tremendous.


I have three stars tattooed on my right wrist.

Years ago, I went out to lunch with a very dear friend who, in all honesty, wasn’t totally keen on the idea of women with ink. He was polite and asked, very gently, what had compelled me to get them. I told him they represented people I had lost who had become starlight. I was younger, and found it easier to think of it that way. I hadn’t expected to say it aloud, but there it was. Out there. Hovering over the salmon mousse. He smiled, and bought me another drink. It was a good lunch. There might have been whisky.

So, there you go, lovelies. Day eighteen of things to be happy about – Starlight.