Now, there was a moment some months ago, when a friend of mine did a genuinely brilliant thing. She set herself a challenge to write a different Facebook post, every day, for one hundred days, about things that made her happy.

Now, I tell myself I’m a hardened cynic, who should wake up sprawled across a desk with a bottle of whisky – and pass out from the same – but round about Day 12, I was feeling pretty chipper simply from reading her posts.

Anyway, I’m going to have a crack at it. That’s my plan for 2019. I will post every day about something that makes me happy, and by the end of the year – assuming I can think of 365 jolly things, and so long as we haven’t all vomited at the shimmering cuteness of it all – it can act as a tiny glimmer of something light amid the cynicism, sarcasm, and murderous poetry.

I’m sure it wouldn’t do me any harm to lean more towards the positive, and hopefully, it will make someone else feel pretty tremendous.

But I’ll warn you now: The things that make me happy are things like Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows, so, it’s not all going to be sunsets and sensible things.

Thank you, Rae.

Happy New Year.

Love, P x