I’ve been quite lucky when it comes to writing.

Okay, not exactly internationally acclaimed as yet, no orange bestseller tag so far, and – strangely – no awards, but I have never had to worry about writer’s block.

Until recently.

And it’s hardly a concern, really. I’m locked into book three of the series. So far, loving it. Cannot overemphasise that. Loving it. It’s much more romantic than the other two, but there’s a sinister side in there which makes me rather happy.

No, the writer’s block hasn’t hit me in terms of the series. Counting my blessings on that one.

However, I made myself a little Goodreads profile and – what can I say? I’m the only person to review me so far. Can’t be a good sign, because, obviously, I have to think I’m great. Anywho, I linked this blog to my page, and I have a quote or two from book one in there. So far, so good. Given that I grew up in a time which required us to choose between languages and computers, I think I’m doing quite well on my technological journey.

The fact is, among the questions which writers can use on Goodreads to introduce themselves to the community is: ‘How do you deal with writer’s block?’

It’s a simple enough question. A good one, in fact. And my mind is blank.

On the plus side, the fact that I have no words for my answer (because I’m terrified) means I am tearing through the fourth draft.