Now, here’s the thing: I’m still quite new at all this, so I’m learning as I go. People who I spend time with have wondered if I’ll have a book launch for every book. The simple answer is no.

The reasoning is sound.

It is said, in order to get yourself out there as an unknown author, it’s best to have a series or two, and you must release books regularly. The best way is to stockpile manuscripts. If you have the capacity to knock a book out every month, then more power to your elbow. Good for you. I can’t do that.

I second-guess myself, I need the threads to be there well in advance before I can consider pulling them together, and I can’t expect my editor, my cover designer, my various other skilled people, to drop everything because I’m on a crazy, self-imposed deadline.

All that said, book two should be out at the end of this month, or beginning of next. I had my book launch for Sex, Death & Canapés on Friday, 20th July. Sex, Death & Scallops should be out either Friday, 31st August or Friday, 7th September – I’ll let you know closer to the time. I’m sure you’re waiting with bated breath.

But the fact is, I made canapés for the Canapés launch. I can’t face the thought of an evening of scallops and nothing else. There is mention in book two of absinthe. It’s for a séance. In the absence of absinthe, my characters use crème de menthe. With the memory of a night of prosecco still fresh and acidic in my mind, I don’t think my stomach could face it.