It’s live. It exists. It’s a book. And here it is:

Now, to pretend it’s the Oscars…

Many thanks to Liz Borino for some stellar editing, and resolving my issues with the Oxford comma.

Huge applause to my friend at Fantasia Covers for creating the cover art, which continues to take my breath away.

A big howdy, hello and thank you to Heidi McGovern for doing my makeup, and making me look pretty well human in the author photograph.

Dankoo to Aimée Thomas for taking the author photograph and for dealing with my daily conversations with people who don’t exist.

A big bear hug to all the contributors on the 20 Books to 50k Facebook group, who have given tremendous advice, some of which I’ve attempted to follow.

To my friends and family, past and present, for putting up with hearing about this book without actually reading it.

And my Movie Nighters, who have borne my ramblings about who should star in the film with bucketfuls of understanding and Guinness.


How beautiful is my launch cake, by the way? Ooof. Hugs to Claire Robson of Claire’s Cakes, Exmouth.