Oh, but I’m over-excited. I have a new friend on Facebook who designs things. Mostly book covers, banners, bookmarks and logos.

I was feeling a bit brave. Okay, maybe not brave exactly. I was feeling the need to pressure myself into progress.

Book two is coming along nicely. Of course, it’ll need a lot of work, but I’ve got the basics down.

My editor is happy enough with book one. We’ve discussed ‘got’ versus ‘gotten’ and I’m coming to terms with the Oxford comma.

And I thought to myself, “I know there will be five books in the series. I know what happens in the first four. That’s not half-bad. I think I will Partake of a logo.”

Now, I had thought it would be an author logo. However, as I only know what happens in this series and not-a-damn-clue what happens next, we decided (she guided me a lot) on a series logo instead.

So, what do we have, you might ask?

A corkscrew – suggesting wine, perhaps a cellar (terrible things happen in cellars in my book), also – a corkscrew has a suggestion of violence about it. As does everything in a kitchen, when you think about it. It’s like a handheld military arsenal is contained in every kitchen drawer.

And a string of pearls, to give an idea of classy sophistication.

I am chuffed.

Now, I just gave to finish book two.

And then three.