Monday was Christmas Day and, as such, there was no Movie Night at the Legion. In fact, due to some rather delightful (and not so much) new staff, it was my first Monday off in five years.

I settled down to lamb steaks, roast potatoes and broccoli, accompanied by brussel that could have doubled as shrapnel.

Among my Movie Nighters is a chap called Sid. Formerly Royal Navy, he has doubtless seen things I can’t imagine and, consequently, I assumed that he didn’t come up to Movie Night because disc-based fiction isn’t the same.

Not so. Sid likes a film, but can’t sit still for very long; he has something like restless leg syndrome. Anyway, he likes receiving the emails and finding out what I’m showing, even though he never shows up. And then he told me.

He gets the email, then searches for the film online, and then, at 7.30pm on Monday evening, he clicks ‘play’ as I do the same at the Clubhouse. He might not be able to watch it with us, but he sort of does.

The fact that Sid does this, week in week out, gives me a Cozy feeling inside.

Christmas Day was Sid’s first day off in five years, too.