I have an editor! I only have an editor! Not quite sure how that happened, but indeed, I have an editor.

A page I follow on Facebook reached some dramatic milestone and accompanied their announcement with a special offer – names of person who posted a ‘Like’ or comment on the post would be put into a hat, and the winner given a discount on their editing needs.

I read the offer, considered it a very kind thought and, naturally, commented my congratulations, and what do you know, I have an editor, and a discounted one at that.

Delightfully, she is American and writes romance novels herself, so I could not be happier. I am a mix of Irish, Scottish, French and Welsh, and almost certainly more English than I concede. I am, without doubt, a dark and sarcastic individual, so I may have to underline this – I am really happy with a romance writer editing my work.

She may soften my hard edges. She may well round out my writing with something fluffier and more people-friendly. I am very invested in the idea of what she might be, but in any case, she’s not putting a hard-date on completion of my manuscript but she seems genuinely interested.

I have spent the afternoon, scaring my dogs by dancing around the living room and telling them, with remarkable frequency, that I have an editor. I have almost four chapters, and exited the Club Committee to a sea of baffled faces and wtf looks. This is all in the last week and now I have an editor.

I say I have four chapters, you never know, I might only have three. I will find out in the New Year. For indeed, that is the extremely soft, almost flaccid, deadline I have set for myself.

But whatever, man, I have an editor.