Naturally enough, the most important kind of Inheritance is the lessons we have learnt, the humour and kindness we have absorbed and the love we have known.

So often, we think in terms of the financial because it’s easier to control. Numbers are reassuring because they are unemotional. They tell a story but numbers don’t speak with passion or pain.

So, when we think of inheritance, we probably think of the size of the estate, the donation to the donkey sanctuary, the cousins and lady-friends scratching their way out of the woodwork, because it’s easier than thinking about those things than a missing smile, a love of trains, the smell of cheese and pickle toasties or pipe smoke.

Inheritance comes a way after initial grief, after all the skinless ache and tearing at the sky, but the echoes of a person who made all the difference will be heard for years to come.

The memory is our inheritance.