Book Review – Redemption (City of the Gods Book 3) by S. J. McMillan

First published, 2016

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

In this third and final instalment of the City of the Gods series, we follow our intrepid gang of good guys, and reformed baddies, as they go into the final fight with the High Priest.

Stalking the city and wreaking destruction on a massive scale, Ranier is a nasty piece of work, living for everybody else’s pain and misery, and even his own. But will Katalina manage to patch things up with one of her closest friends before the screaming starts? And will she really be able to fight against someone who thinks of himself as a God?

As I said last time, the story is all important to me. The story in this book was full and rounded, the characters went through an enormous amount and I was right there with them. A slightly shorter book than the second in the series, there were fewer instances of ‘crossed his/her arms over his/her chest’ and ‘folded his/her arms over his/her chest’. Though, being me, I did count, and there were twenty-three of them.

My own hang-ups aside, I’ve enjoyed this series and if you’re in the mood for some arm-folding in urban fantasy, this is just the thing.