Book Review – What Are Friends For by Lizzie O’Hagan

First published, 2020

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

A little like Cyrano de Bergerac on Tinder. Having watched her beautiful but not book-smart best friend get her hopes dashed from too many first dates, Eve takes matters into her own hands. She makes changes to Becky’s profile and starts a correspondence with worldly bookworm, Tom. Little does she know that Tom’s pal, Max, is doing the exact same thing for his friend.

This is a really nice book. The characters are well-rounded and although the story is a rom-com and therefore, a little fluffy round the edges, it’s a good story. That Max works as a fundraiser for a dementia charity was a particularly moving addition to the script.

One thing rather grated for me: the characters who are introduced as well-read and intellectual, love and quote from books that are probably on every high school reading list in the country. And I refuse to believe that there are people in their late-twenties, with careers and well-read friends, who don’t recognise a reference to 1984 or Animal Farm, or even Grimm’s Fairy Stories.

That said, an entertaining read with surprising depths.