Book Review – Say You’re Sorry: Book One (DCI Campbell McKenzie #1A) by Ian C.P. Irvine

First published, 2018

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Set in Scotland, this crime thriller follows the lives of disparate characters: Campbell McKenzie – a DCI, leading the investigation into the death of a fellow officer, Thomas McNunn – local underworld crime boss, Ivor Petrovsky – a Russian crime lord and competitor to McNunn, old age pensioner and widower, Jonathan, a competent driver with a broken bumper and Anand, aka David, a call centre telephone operator in India, tasked with hindering Jonathan’s claim.

As the characters’ lives intersect, and drugs, murder and betrayal force them into conflict with each other, the only question is: who will prevail?

And, for the answer, you’ll need to buy book two.

Now, for myself, I must say I admire the author’s chutzpah in cutting the story in two. I’m sure other readers will flock to the internet and click away to find out more. Sadly, I am not in that category.

Although the writing was solid and the characters understandable, even relatable, I don’t think I’m going to lose sleep not knowing what happens next. As much as I have no doubt there is more story there, the ending (although sudden) wasn’t a shock-horror cliffhanger. The splitting of the book seemed – I would be reluctant to use the word ‘gimmicky’ but it certainly felt cynical. A shame.