Book Review – Chasing Love by Carol Wyatt

First published, 2017

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The story follows Charlie, a successful New York real estate agent, in the wake of personal tragedy. Having grown up with only her father at home, and having learnt all she knows about business from him, when he suddenly dies, Charlie discovers that the only way she will inherit control of their company is if she gets married.

Having never told her father that she was gay, Charlie spends several months ignoring the spark she felt when she met local, young waitress, Erica, and pursues Lara, who is mature, sophisticated, and arguably wife-material.

However, a collision in her favourite restaurant pulls Charlie out of her pursuit and back into the arms of Erica. But can Charlie put her ambition to one side if it means a shot at happiness?

A nice bit of fluff with a fair few typos, I was kind of annoyed that so much was made of the supposedly shocking nine year age gap and yet nothing was done about it: no conversation, no recovery, nothing.

There was a lot of intimacy between Erica and Charlie, and yet, she never said much about her mourning process, or anything at all, which seemed unrealistic.

Even when Erica sees something in Charlie’s handbag which should provoke a very serious conversation, she just puts it to the back of her mind and takes her to bed. So they’re close but they don’t talk. I don’t much care for that, especially when the reader is guided through the decor of the apartments, the colour of their clothes, shoes, cushions, but nothing emotionally resonant.

A comfortable read, but more a scenario than a story.