Book Review – Blood Bound by Idella Breen

First published, 2016
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The story revolves around Snow, an eighteen year old student at a school for monsters. Snow is the Ice Child and, if a little known prophecy is to be believed, she and the werewolf who is to be her protector will create a lasting peace between monsters and humans. So far, so good.
When Snow arrives at the school, she finds her homeroom teacher is a very attractive woman who ‘looks no more than twenty’ and it all kind of falls down for me from that point.
The teacher, Cait, is a werewolf and although Snow has no idea about the prophecy, she has eyes and can’t ignore her attraction to the, as it turns out, 200 year old Cait.
The problem for me, story-wise is terribly simple. Even if Snow can’t ignore her feelings, her teacher must. And yet she doesn’t. Actually, if anyone acts like a horny teenager, it’s Cait.
Aside from the uneven balance of power in the relationship, the most troubling thing is that Cait doesn’t seem to understand the word ‘no’.
During their first encounter, Snow says, ‘No’, ‘Stop’, ‘Wait’, and words to that effect no fewer than four times before eventually surrendering to Cait’s desire. No. Not happy with that.
Probably because the relationship troubled me, some of the story elements fell rather flat. The sexy bits felt heavy-handed and uncomfortable. Although Snow is in peril throughout much of the story, either because of the strength of Cait’s feelings for her, or because of the dark bloods (vampires) who threaten her, I found it hard to think of her as anything other than a silly girl. This, I think, came down to Snow’s being referred to as a ‘girl’ rather than a ‘woman’, throughout the story. Again, uncomfortable.
Sadly, there were also multiple errors in the text. Not being picky, but when there are grammatical issues, incorrect punctuations (ie. incorrect use of question marks) misspellings, etc, it makes the actual reading of a book rather challenging because you keep getting dragged out of the story in order to interpret the writing.
Examples of what I’m talking about:
‘The scene in which they walked into was one unique to their type of school.’
Chapter One, Blood Bound by Idella Breen
The word ‘redhead’ comes up a lot, but as two words.
‘“Cait, I’m busy at them moment. Can you come back later?”’
Chapter Two, Blood Bound by Idella Breen
’”You always did come from a proud people. The Fallon’s were a great clan…”’
Chapter Two, Blood Bound by Idella Breen
No apostrophe needed for a family name as a collective. This mistake comes up again and again, particularly in the singing scenes.
Extraneous apostrophes and slips in tense.
‘Remus was right. How was she going to handle this if it was so strong? This need to claim what was her’s. Next thing she’d know, she’ll be peeing on Snow to mark her territory. Cait shuddered at the thought.’
Chapter Two, Blood Bound by Idella Breen
Then and Than are not interchangeable.
‘“You damn were beast. You have way too much strength and energy then you know what to do with.”’
Chapter Four, Blood Bound by Idella Breen
A few uses of ‘alway’ that should be ‘always’. The story is peppered liberally with the word ‘really’ but a particular bug-bear for me is – ‘off of’.
If I have to read the words ‘off of’ meaning ‘off’ once more, I think I’ll cry.
If you can look beyond the editing issues and the uncomfortable power balance, this might be for you.