Book Review – A Pinch of Salt (The Towers of the Earth #0.1) by Nita Round

First published, 2020

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The plot follows Ascara – an underestimated army recruit, who has suffered a series of injuries during an exercise, and Magda – a former soldier, now diplomat, who has suffered a terrible trauma in the desert and finds herself, with no memory of what happened, in the same infirmary as Ascara. There, the injured women meet a nurse, the survivor of an attack by the gifted who are holed up with pirates and might never see justice. Except that Ascara and Magda decide to embark, alone, on a perilous journey, to seek out the Sonos who damaged Alex.

I liked this prequel to The Towers of the Earth series. Having not read any steampunk/sci-fi/adventure stories before, I really enjoyed the author’s writing style, I liked the story, but I felt I probably needed a little more understanding of steampunk to really roll around in the story.