Book Review – Shunned (Kings of Miskatonic Prep #1) by Steffanie Holmes

First published, 2019
⭐ ⭐ ⭐
After a terrible fire which leaves her alone in the world, Hazel is absorbed into an elite prep school, populated by unlikeable, entitled, rich kids. As much as the wealthy, hard-hearted boys call her names and treat her very badly, Hazel can’t help feeling drawn to them and their wealthy, hard-hearted abs.
Well, I can’t say I’m particularly taken with the idea of falling for a bully so, I’m not completely swung on the concept of falling for three of them. In short, this story probably wasn’t meant for me, which is fine. I’m new to the RH genre, so didn’t know what to expect.
This was, however, my second encounter with an author who has the words, ‘USA Today Bestselling Author’ on their cover and, honestly, I don’t see myself falling for it a third time. As with my last encounter, there were a lot of changes in tense and small annoyances throughout the text, which meant I kept getting knocked out of the story.
For example:
‘“I’m not here to hand you over to the authorities,” she said hurriedly, shoving a thick envelope into your hands.’
Page 3, Chapter One, Shunned (Kings of Miskatonic Prep #1)
‘When Quinn entered the classroom, he sauntered straight up to Greg, leaned over his desk, and go right up in his face.’
Page 62, Chapter Eight, Shunned (Kings of Miskatonic Prep #1)
‘Confused, I let Quinn grip my hand and led me away from the cave entrance.”
Page 116, Chapter Fourteen, Shunned (Kings of Miskatonic Prep #1)
There are other examples. ‘By’ that should be ‘but’. ‘That’ that should be ‘there’. A ‘relieve’ that should be ‘relive’. A ‘become’ that was supposed to be ‘became’. An ‘it’ that surely should be ‘her’. ‘I’ll’ that should be ‘I’d’. A ‘though’ that should be ‘thought’. ‘You’re’ that should be ‘you’ve’, etc. etc.
As much as some of the subject matter is difficult, with themes including but not limited to – bullying, racism, violence, loss of family – I did manage to read it very quickly.
Putting the other issues to one side, much of the writing is solid and those who enjoy NA bully-romances, with paranormal, cliffhanger endings, are sure to find something to enjoy here. When I forced myself to ignore the language issues, I did like the story.